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Usually Asked

Frequently Asked Question Based From Clients

It varies from car to car. All kinds of factors can add time or speed up the time. However, typically a sedan will take 3-4 hours. SUV’s and Trucks can take about 4-5 hours. Full size vans could take 4-6 hours for a complete inside and outside detail.

I mainly use a Ceramic base spray wax as my go-to wax. These products can last anywhere from 4-6 months.

While Ceramic coatings are the highest level of protection, My advice on drive through car washes remains the same. Use at your own risk. If rocks are pulled off one car and stay in brushes you could be looking at some unwanted damage.

I am mobile friendly however, I do require a water and electric hookup. So places like your house are fine, but may not be able to do it at your work if that’s not available.

-My prices you see and are quoted will be the price you pay. I do not add to the price after seeing your vehicle or adding on additional services unless we have discussed it before hand.

I can 100% assure you your car isn’t the worst I’ve seen. And you shouldn’t be ashamed of it when having it cleaned. My goal is to love it again and feel comfortable driving around no matter how messy the before is!